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Hypertrophy Bundle

From: R2,139.50

Fusion Mass, Protein XTR, Reactor & Octane XTR . PVM’s Lean Muscle Mass bundle that includes Fusion Mass, Protein XTR, Reactor and Octane XTR.

Fusion Mass

High Protein Meal Replacement.

Each 2.4 kg tub provides 32 x 75 g servings or 24 x 100 g servings.

Protein XTR

Precision release protein for muscle recovery, maintenance and growth.

Each 800 g container provides 16 x 50 g servings.


Powerful Creatine Transporter and Anabolic Activator.

Each 1.6 kg tub provides 40 x 40 g servings, 30 x 50 g servings or 26 x 60 g servings.

Octane XTR

High-Intensity sport performance energy drink.

Each 1 kg tub contains 750 g of powder plus 5 x 50 g (250 g) sachets and provides 20 x 50 g servings.


Hypertrophy Bundle

From: R2,139.50

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