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PVM’s Power and Strength range has been carefully developed and refined over decades to meet the specific nutrient and energy demands of power and strength training where the phosphagen energy system (ATP-PCr) dominates.

Appropriate synchronisation and periodisation of training and nutrition enhances the training effects and adaptations (metabolic, physiological etc.) that increases explosive power output and force production (strength) whilst decreasing recovery time between explosive bouts.

Specific nutrient intake before, during and after training/competition can either enhance or negate the positive effects of training.

Therefore, the amount, timing and composition of nutritional intake (chrono nutrition)  before, during and after training is crucial to improve explosive power output and force production.

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Training Goals:
Power & Strength Training

The main goals of incorporating our power and strength range during training are to:

  1. Optimise the phosphagen energy system (ATP-CPr).
    • Enhance substrate availability for the ATP-PCr system to increase reps.
  2. Shortened recovery time between explosive bouts.
  3. Improve high power output.
  4. Maintain mental alertness.
  5. Ensure biomechanical efficiency.

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Product Type Primary Usage Secondary Usage Use BEFORE Use DURING Use AFTER
Octane XTR Energy & Hydration Energy & Hydration:
High-Intensity Sports
Protein XTR Protein Supplement Growth, Strength & Recovery
Reactor Creatine Transporter Power, Strength & Recovery


Creatine is an effective ergogenic aid. Creatine prior training will assist athletes to enhance anaerobic training capacity during power and maximal strength training sessions. Creatine also fuels explosive power output during sprint training and subsequently leads to improved training performance.


Powerful creatine transporter and Anabolic Activator.
  • Increased workload during sets of maximal effort muscle contractions.
  • Increased phosphocreatine availability to fuel high-intensity explosive bouts (ATP-PCr dependant.
  • Greater creatine muscle retention when combined with carbohydrate and protein.
  • Beta-Alanine supports improved power output, lactate threshold and promotes cell volumisation.
  • Nitric oxide (NO) synthesis, from L-Citrulline malate and L-Arginine, increases muscle blood flow for improved nutrient uptake.

Available in 1 flavour


Appropriate and adequate fluid and nutritional intake during physical activity is essential for optimal athletic performance and aims to increase the workload that can be sustained at various exercise intensities. It provides energy, helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and aids with hydration and the replacement of electrolytes lost through sweat, which is essential to maintain high power output. Specific nutrients like certain peptides and ergogenic aids (like caffeine and carbohydrates) may improve performance. Exogenous carbohydrate intake also spares glycogen, that is the preferred source of energy during high-intensity training.


High-intensity performance energy drink
  • Multiple transportable carbohydrates for fast absorption.
  • Instant energy availability with stable blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces muscle damage with whey protein peptides
  • Promotes hydration.
  • Replenishes electrolyte loss with added minerals (Na, K, Cl & P).
  • Protein peptides & minerals act as pH buffers, that may delay the onset of muscle fatigue.

This product can be omitted if Reactor is used as a pre-and post-workout.

Available in 3 flavours


A recovery “window of opportunity” exists directly after power, strength and sprint training sessions. The intake of creatine helps replenish creatine phosphate used to during the training session and have a significant impact on the ability to recover for subsequent training bouts. Creatine intake with carbohydrate and protein in specific ratio’s, increases glycogen replenishment and to shift the metabolism from a catabolic to anabolic state. Adequate fluid and electrolyte intake ensure the replenishment of fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat.


Powerful Creatine Transporter and Anabolic Activator.
  • Improved glycogen synthesis with creatine and carbohydrates.
  • Research backed 3-4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein.
  • Rapid glycogen replenishment with fast release carbohydrates and protein peptides.
  • Replenishes electrolyte loss with added minerals (Na, K, Cl, P & Mg).
  • Reduced muscle breakdown with added whey protein peptides.

Available in 1 flavour



Muscle protein synthesis is elevated hours after exercise. At night time, during sleep, the release of growth hormones is naturally increased. Growth hormones and amino acid availability plays an essential role in muscle protein synthesis. Various time-released protein sources before bedtime ensures sustained amino acid availability that is crucial for optimal muscle repair and synthesis (growth).


Precision release protein for muscle recovery, maintenance and growth
  •  High Biological Value Protein sources (high quality protein).
  • Complete range of amino acids.
  • Extended amino acid availability through varied time release proteins.
  • High in BCAAs.
  • Promotes effective muscle damage repair and protein synthesis (growth).
  • No plant-based proteins.

Available in 3 flavours

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