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Hannele Steyn – Last Lioness

“The only woman in the world who has completed all 17 Cape Epic’s”.

I discovered PVM in 1994, and ever since then, not a day has gone by without me using at least one of their products.

I use PVM’s Protein XTR to aid my daily protein intake, and I rely on Octane while I’m training 6 days a week.

Octane, Octane sachets, Fusion, gels and PVM Energy Bars are ideal for races and long training rides.

The Epic has been a part of my life since 2004. I knew nothing about multi-day events up to this point. However, I did know that the one product that sustained me through my triathlon career (World Champion in 1994 and 7th Elite World ranking) and unbeaten in SA Ironman races spoke of results only.

The 8-day event, in the beginning, had only the essential foods for breakfast and dinner with water tables, consisting of Coke, water and a few energy bars and bananas, so every rider had to look after themselves.

This was when I discovered Fusion, and it became my substantial go-to food and used it as part of my race food by diluting it.

I raced the Epic from 2004 to 2018 and, since 2019, retired from competitive racing, doing it as best I could. I am the only woman in the world who has done all 17 races together with three men; we are called the Last Lions, and I am the Last Lioness. Because we are all fighting to be the very last Lion standing, you need an edge. PVM gives me this edge, although I have also shared it with one of the other lions because I always share my nutrition choice with my riding partners, athletes I coach, and clients I see about nutrition advice.

I came 2nd in the 2004 Epic (mixed), won it in 2005 (women’s team), came 4th in 2007 with Greg Minnaar (mixed team), 5th in 2010 (women’s team), 2nd in 2011 (women’s team), 5th in 2018, and 2nd in the All-African Women’s category. In 2021, I came 9th at the age of 55 (mixed team) 😉

In total, I have achieved 15 stage wins during my racing years.

The All-African ladies’ trophy has been named the Hannele Steyn Trophy, which is an absolute honour.

I have never used any other energy supplement in my 27 years with PVM, and I have never even used any energy drinks at the water tables. I have never suffered a blood sugar dip (a common occurrence for many riders), stomach upsets (which occurs regularly at the Epic) or not recovering for the next day.

I speak from results only, and it is also my choice to use PVM, besides being an ambassador for the product.

PVM products have sustained me through 17 Epic races and have been part of my Last Lioness journey as much as every medal I have received.

Thank you for believing in me — in my dream — and helping me never to give up.

I keep on looking up before looking forward!

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