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Esti Olivier

I was introduced to PVM in 2013 by a fellow canoeist. My first products that I used were Octane XTR during training and Reignite as a post training recovery drink. This has remained my products of choice throughout the years.

For nine years now, PVM products have been a trusted source of sustainable energy in my daily life and my sporting career. I trust that all ingredients are of the highest quality, no exceptions, at all times. This is always a major factor and peace of mind for any athlete who cares and looks after their health and bodies.

Octane XTR Citrus is by far my most used product! I use it every day on all water sessions to ensure stable and maintained energy levels. No energy spikes or dips!

Reignite Citrus is my secret weapon! It has pulled me through some of the toughest moments in my career. Whether it was race no.15 with one more day to go or racing National selections with food poisoning, Reignite did the job! In my opinion, there is no better supplement for recovery! I recommend it to anyone who listens!

In 2015 I became actively involved with PVM as a sponsored athlete and representative of the brand. They have supported me through 2 x Olympic cycles, 3 x u23 World Championships, 7 x Senior World Championships, 3x gold medals at the All Africa Games in 2019, numerous Senior World Cups, bags full of SA Championship titles and finally, my first international medal at the 2021 World Cup.

Alongside the scientific supplementation support, PVM has also supported me with nutrition and dietary specialists, providing constant nutritional support and monitoring throughout my season to ensure that my body runs like clockwork.

In 2015 I was also fortunate enough to start working with Sport Science Lab South Africa and Niel du Plessis, also powered by PVM. This was a turning point in my career, allowing me to break through in my performance both on and off the water. The groundbreaking methods and sport science used in SSL allowed me to reach new heights, overcome old injuries and demand optimal performance on a daily basis.

My support structure grew with every member of PVM and SSL investing in my success, whether in the gym, on the water, psychologically and nutritionally. The support has been endless.

Thank you for all the support, a shoulder to cry on, an ear always willing to listen and comfort! Your support goes far beyond what I could have ever wished for!

Thank you PVM and team!

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