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Franco Olivier

Franco is a South African adventure racer.
  • 5h Place Schaap River 100km Run
  • Winner Recce Dual Race
  • 11th Expidition Africa Rodriguez Islands
  • Kinetic Africa Adventure Race podium
  • Top 15 Sky Run Finisher

Which products do I use and why:

I have been a PVM ambassador for almost 3 years now. They have seen the potential in me and I will be forever grateful. I was 1st introduced to PVM at the Recce Race in 2018 and fell in love with the products immediately. Being an avid adventure racer, I have tried many supplements but could never find the perfect one. One that gives the energy that is needed and also taste great. PVM really delivers in both of those categories.

I do a lot of adventure racing and some of these races last for 4 days at a time. I really enjoy using the PVM Fusion at transitions as it is quick to prepare and gives energy that lasts for hours. AND IT TASTES GREAT!!

During the races the Octane Gels are amazing as they give instant energy and is easy to consume. PVM Octane provides us with the fluid nutrition we need and I also use PVM Re-ignite to help with recovery later in the day.

I am a hockey coach and always on the go. The PVM bars and gels are great snacks during our sessions and fuels me for the sessions to come. With a big variety of flavours, they really is amazing!

PVM is really an all-round product, that ranges from instant energy sources to all day energy sources. A bowl of the PVM mielie pap in the morning fills you up for hours. When adding some extra goodies , such as berries or even PVM Fusion, it is an energy packed meal.

That is why I use PVM products.

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