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•Octane XTR is composed of 90% Carbohydrates, 10% Protein and 0% Fat of the total free available energy


Maintain energy levels

•Provides fast and intermediate energy release for strength training and high intensity sports lasting less than 90 minutes, where athletes frequently require rapid glycolytic breakdown of carbohydrates for energy e.g. rugby, hockey, netball, spinning, weight training, etc.
• Carbohydrate combination and protein peptides preserve lean body mass.
•Contains B-vitamins - co-factors for energy metabolism.
Contains pH buffering agents, which may delay the onset of fatigue.

Contains 10% scientifically proven protein peptides

•Scientifically proven to ensure faster recovery:

  • Accelerates glycogen resynthesis/ replenishment
  • Increases protein synthesis/ building
  • Decreases exercise induced muscle damage/ soreness.

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•Increases speed and power (performance).
•Increases insulin response, supporting stable blood glucose levels for increased mental alertness.
•Supports the immune system.
•Peptides have a faster absorption rate than whole proteins and therefore increases the availability of amino acids.

Contains high and low molecular weight carbohydrates

•Enhance concentration and energy levels.
•Choline plays a role in central nervous system.

Effective Recovery and Muscle synthesis

•High molecular weight carbohydrates ensure quick release of energy. Low molecular weight carbohydrates lower the osmolality to promote quicker passage through the stomach.

Supports immune and central nervous system function

•L-Glutamine plays an essential role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.
•Contains 50% NRV* of anti-oxidants, vitamins C and E.
•Contains choline, a pre-cursor for acetylcholine, which initiates muscle contraction.

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