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OCTANE 4.0, OCTANE XTR and REIGNITE are of the first Energy and Recovery Drinks containing new scientifically proven whey derived protein peptides. In 1990 PVM Nutritional Sciences became one of the first companies to include protein in Energy and Recovery Drinks.


The new advanced formulated energy drinks, OCTANE and OCTANE XTR, now includes 10% protein peptides. Current evidence/literature suggests that at least 5 – 10g per 500ml portion (1-2% solution) is required during training to exert any beneficial effect.


REIGNITE the specialised recovery drink for glycogen storage and muscle synthesis contains 18% protein including protein peptides and almost 5g glutamine per 75 g serving from free amino acids, protein bound and protein peptide origin.

The benefits of including Protein Peptides in energy and recovery drinks are:
  • Faster recovery
    - Accelerate glycogen resynthesis / replenishment
    - Increase protein synthesis / building
    - Decrease exercise induced muscle damage / soreness
  • Increase speed and power (performance)
  • Increase insulin that helps to stabilise glucose levels
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Support the immune system
  • Have a faster absorption rate that whole proteins and therefore an increased availability of amino acids
  • May improve endurance (performance)
  • May reduce lactate and ammonia levels

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