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At PVM we understand the High Performance Sport environment and what it takes for professional athletes and teams to achieve success at the highest competitive level.  Achieving success is not easy and the difference between winning and losing is minute.  The PTN products and services is a direct outcome of our scientific dedication to understand athletic performance, training and nutrition and is the culmination of the experience gained over a period of 4 decades in hands-on involvement with professional athletes and teams.

In 2008 PVM launched the PTN (Performance, Training and Nutrition) products and services and PVM became the first company in South Africa subcontracted to condition professional rugby players of a Currie Cup and a S14 teamand to serve on the respective team managements. 

An athlete’s talent or genetic potential is simply a prerequisite for competitive success.  To move beyond inherited talent or genetic potential, individual athletes must focus on sport-specific periodised conditioning and nutritional programmes.  Peak athletic performance is meticulously planned. 

Often determined athletes who strive for perfection in training with methodical attention to a periodised training program outperform more natural gifted competitors. It is a scientific fact that magic formulas do not exist.  Athletic success can only be achieved through hard and smart work.

We formulate training guidelines and supplements to assist top athletes to synchronize their periodised training and nutritional programs to reach specific training related goals. At PVM we understand the importance of individualisation and the provision of dietary and training stimulus to appropriately stress homeostasis for the required and necessary physiological, metabolic and structural adaptations.

All PVM products are developed using the latest scientific findings in the field of bio-energetics. This is why our packaging is “Version Coded”: we will upgrade products as our knowledge and understanding grows over time.


From a high performance perspective, PVM is currently involved with:

  • the  Vodacom Cheetahs,
  • the Free State Cheetahs,
  • the HPC @ the University of Pretoria,
  • the Nashua Titans,
  • Team Garmin Addidas,
  • NWU-PUK Rugby Institute,
  • Grey College and
  • 30 top individual athletes including world class performers such as 400m hurdler LJ van Zyl. 

Contact PVM for more information regarding our specialised services to athletes and professional or amateur teams.



PVM stands for Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals. The company was established in the late 1960’s as a result of intensive scientific research undertaken by the National Institute of Food Research of the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research).

As a result, PVM Nutritional Sciences has become one of the first companies to manufacture clinical nutritional products to combat severe malnutrition. PVM also developed and produced the World’s Original Energy Bar® that combined great taste with nutritional density. This consumer-friendly bar was based on a product developed earlier to provide essential nutrition for military personnel in combat.


Our passion at PVM is science, and its application to nutrition. PVM has been a family business for over 30 years. We answer to no-one but ourselves and to those who use our products and services.


At PVM we are driven by our passion for science – the search for an objective truth, empirical certainty and honesty. We also know that wise nutrition contributes directly to people’s better health, well-being and performance. We therefore acknowledge our moral and ethical obligation to behave with integrity in everything we do.


+++ PVM sub-contracted to condition the Free State Cheetahs rugby players...     A first in South Africa. Olympic rower Jen Hodsen, trained by PVM is competing at the World Rowing Championships at the end of August.      Pseudoephadrine now banned by WADA!      Athletes be informed of the dangers of using thermogenic fat burners.      New improved Octane Gel will be available soon! New Octane Gel now also available in delicious Chocolate flavour Check out iSnack Whole Nutrrition on the Go!      iSnack is the latest Nutritech, Smart Food addition to the PVM range iSnack is the perfect On The Go nutritious snack +++