Periodised Training and Nutrition

 PDF 181kb Download
Benefits of protein peptides  PDF 528kb Download
Corbohydrate loading  PDF 979kb Download
Creatine supplementation - not recommended for highshool rugby  PDF 1,1mb Download
Endurance events and corbohydrate loading  PDF 970kb Download
Energy utilization during endurance events  PDF 1,7mb Download
Fluid intake during sport  PDF 850kb  Download 
Guidelines to increase lean body mass  PDF 1,2mb Download 
Healthy eating guidelines  PDF 920kb Download 
Periodised training and nutritition for peak performance  PDF 1mb Download 
Introduction to training basics  PDF 1.1mb Download 
Nutritional Guidelines before training & competition  PDF 660kb Download
Nutritional guidelines during training & competition  PDF 660kb Download 
Nutritional guidelines for optimal recovery after training & competition  PDF 660kb  Download 
Protein & exercise  PDF 1,5mb  Download 
Short Introduction to Tapering and Peaking  PDF 1,3mb Download
Essentials of world class performance  PDF 780kb Download 
So you want to be the best  PDF 780kb  Download 
Sport specific food and supplement guidelines  PDF 1,4mb  Download 
Star junior fly-half tests positive for a banned stimulant after using a purchased supplement  PDF 390kb Download 

PVM Rugby 

Common sport nutrition misconceptions  PDF 790kb Download
Conditioning and Supplementation of High School Rugby Players  PDF 750kb Download 
High Performance Management  PDF 760kb Download 
Periodised Training and Nutrition  PDF 740kb Download 
Pre Match Nutritional Guidelines  PDF 760kb Download 
Protein in the Diet  PDF 745kb Download
Sport Science Success Story  PDF 790kb Download

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