The verdict is out. Pseudoephedrine has been reintroduced to WADA’s (World Anti-doping Association) prohibited list as a specified substance or stimulant after being on the monitoring list for a while. This comes after the WADA monitoring programme showed a sustained increase in the number of samples collected with high pseudoephedrine concentrations.

With WADA Africa regional office in Cape Town, it can be certain that they will test for pseudoephedrine.

Recently there has been a case of an athlete in SA who was banned after testing positive. Although some drugs used to treat nasal congestion caused by colds, allergies, and hay fever contain pseudoephedrine, it is often consumed as part of a supplement. It is not unheard that athletes claim “they did not know that they were taking it”.

Any concentration of pseudoephedrine above 150 µg/ml constitutes an adverse analytic finding. This threshold may be reached by individuals within 6-20 hours after the intake of some long-term therapeutic agents. Therefore, it is advisable not to consume these agents and if doing so for medical reasons, an athlete should consult with their doctor.

Athletes tested with concentrations below 150 µg/ml will be put on a special monitoring list and can expect follow up tests.


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