Since its foundation in 1968, PVM has remained dedicated to a better understanding of the complex biological process of human nutrition.

Science’s understanding of the complexity of the life process is incomplete. We therefore approach the intricate nature of human biology and human nutritional and energy needs with humility. We also apply all scientific findings with care.


To do this we employ a cutting edge understanding of the biology of energy exchange between humans and their environment. We develop all our products using the latest scientific findings in the field of bio-energetics. This is why our packaging is “Version Coded”: we will upgrade products as our knowledge and understanding grows over time.


At PVM we adhere to our Code of Ethics to ensure that we research, develop, produce and market quality nutritional products in a responsible and ethical manner.


PVM guarantees that we endeavour to carefully disclose nutritional information at all times and that our products will not make unsubstantiated, irresponsible health or performance claims.

As part of our Code of Ethics, PVM guarantees that all our products are of the highest quality and that all ingredients used are deemed legal substances by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).



The health and nutritional industry is poorly regulated. Opportunistic companies have often made false claims, exploiting consumer innocence and unrealistic dreams. There has also been a troubling increase in the marketing of supplements that promise instant and effortless physical perfection and immediate weight loss. Magic formulas and miracle products do not exist. PVM Nutritional Sciences will not develop, market or otherwise promote the use of “Quick Fixes”.

To set ourselves apart, at PVM we have codified a set of values and have also unilaterally and unreservedly adopted them. We adhere to this strict Code of Ethics to ensure that we research, develop, produce and market quality nutritional products in a responsible and ethical manner. We will continue to live and enact these values in everything we do.

  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will promote a holistic approach and a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and balanced eating habits as the context for the use of nutritional supplements
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will treat the use of supplements as complementary to a healthy lifestyle
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will not produce dietary supplements that deliver short term gains to the detriment of long-term health and longevity
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will not develop, market or otherwise promote thermogenic weight loss formulas. It is a proven scientific fact that thermogenic weight loss formulas cannot lead to permanent weight loss
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will invest in cutting edge scientific research and development and will stay abreast of the latest scientific findings
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will follow a holistic approach and will not oversimplify the reality of complex systems where many variables co-exist and impact one another
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will source only the best quality active ingredients
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will take the utmost care and responsibility to research, develop and manufacture quality nutritional supplements
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences recognises the fact that individual differences exist. We will single-mindedly focus on improving our ability to individualise nutritional intake and the use of nutritional supplements
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will not produce any nutritional product that contains banned substances as stipulated by regulatory authorities (including WADA, FDA)
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will comply with legal labeling and disclosure requirements and will go beyond minimum legislative requirements when necessary
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will self-regulate its activities, based on our own Code of Conduct, in the absence of an adequate and sufficient regulatory environment for dietary supplements
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will not make irresponsible claims, directly or indirectly, which cannot be substantiated
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will conduct its marketing and advertising campaigns in a responsible, truthful and tasteful manner and will ensure that no unsubstantiated claims are made implicitly through advertising campaigns
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will not make use of superficial before and after photographs in any of its advertising campaigns and will not execute and/or manipulate photos in such a way that it exaggerates the affect and efficacy of nutritional supplements
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will not approach potential beneficiaries of sponsorships and will only respond to unsolicited application for sponsorships
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences believe that a similarity of fundamental values - before any commercial and financial considerations - is the only basis for a true sponsorship agreement
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences believe in building close relationships with beneficiaries of sponsorships and in creating joint opportunities instead of engaging in opportunism
  • PVM Nutritional Sciences will endeavor to offer unrivalled value for money to consumers at all times
  • In the interest of fair and equitable trading conditions for all the stakeholders in the supply chain, PVM Nutritional Sciences will not exploit any position of relative dominance it may acquire and will take action where the abuse of power in the supply chain becomes evident and irresolvable.

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